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ORCA Precision Parts Poland

ORCA Precision Parts

OPP has over 50 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and providing sub-assembly of mechanical precision components. It has a longstanding relationship with key players in various industries:



Machine & equipment manufacturing
Electron optics


OPP Poland was founded 50 years ago to supply equipment manufacturers with precision metal parts. Since then we have grown to become an organization with a strong European footprint, serving the most demanding sectors of the market. For over 20 years OPP has been part of Philips, and built strong capabilities in supplying spare precision parts within Europe. Now, as an independent company, we continue to leverage and enhance our capabilities to become a reliable partner for your company as well.

“Our specialty is manufacturing of fine mechanical parts in various dimensions, according to customer specifications. You can also depend on us as a co-producer and supplier of parts for all sorts of lathe, milling, grinding, EDM and sheetmetal work, related machining techniques and subsequent supply of complete modules. For outsourcing, we have a long-standing cooperation with the best specialist companies in the region, guaranteeing top quality. In cooperation with specialized engineering agencies on site in Poland, we can implement complete concepts. As a supply chain link, machine factory OPP-Poland is a reliable supplier for OEM customers, main suppliers and module suppliers”.

OPP-Poland, a Strong Link in your Supply Chain:

  • Specialists in machining, CNC and conventional
  • Customer-friendly and reliable
  • High level of quality and service
  • Short lead-times with well developed logistics
  • From small to middle size products
  • Long-term customer relations


Please contact us for more specific information about the designing, producing or services we provide.



OPP is able to design single parts and small assemblies. It is also possible to redraw existing or sample parts. Thanks to the significant experience of our designing crew we are confident in taking any kind of challenge from you.



OPP owns a combination of conventional and CNC machinery which enables us to poduce high accuracy parts/assemblies for a competitive price, quality and delivery time. Suppliers of our equipment are leaders CNC and conventional machines in the World (eg Fehlmann, Mikron, Hermle). Below you find our main machining capabilities:

  • Conventional and CNC machining (turning, milling, drilling, boring, grinding, sawing)
  • Heat-treatment (hardening, surface hardening, annealing, tempering, nitriding, carbonizing)
  • Electro spark erosion
  • Welding
  • Sheet metal operations (shearing, bending CNC, rolling)
  • Surface treatment (rotofinish, polishing)
  • Assembly



OPP support  you in area of
  • Heat treatment services
  • EDM services
  • Measuring services
  • Designing services (changes on existing drawings, creation new parts/small assemblies based on existing parts)
Our heat treatment department is able to serve you in following techniques:
  • hardening
  • surface hardening
  • annealing
  • tempering
  • nitriding
  • carbonizing
EDM machines
  • Wire cutting (Height max 250mm, width x breadth of cutting - 350x250mm)
Measuring services
  • Full part/assembly measuring through various equipment – coordinate machine Zeiss Prismo 7,measuring microscopes, Digital height gauges TESA, profile projector (x10, x50), surface roughness tester, hardness tester, microscope x40




Throughout our history OPP is closely connected to the lighting industry. In the 1950’s the company was set up in Pila as a machine building department for Lumen and was responsible for the manufacturing of parts and machinery. Later we became the main  supplier of Philips Lighting for the past 20 years. We are proud to say that we always put up to their standards of quality and on time delivery of spare precision parts.


Starting in 1990’s OPP cooperated with several market leaders within the semiconductor industry. Our well-equipped measuring department combines the knowledge of our engineers to perform precise checks on parts within this market. We produce several parts for different modules that find it’s way to the world leading OEM manufacturers in this industry.


Time, quality and money are the most important indicators in the medical industry. Our supply to one of the biggest players in healthcare provides evidence that we put up to the highest standard of every indicator. The variety of demand we are used to within this sector assures us that we are able to take any kind of task from you. Next to that our perfect on time deliveries will help you save money and time.


OPP has successfully entered this diverse market of OEM suppliers that of have demand for a wide range of high accurate parts and (sub) assemblies. From single part production for proto typing to series production, is not a problem for SPP. With the production of zero series parts, SPP can cooperate in the development, based on our knowledge and experience. SPP is able to provide you the services of cleanroom packing and cleanroom assembly of small to medium size parts.

Machine Building

In Machine Building a crucial factor  is getting parts on time. During projects this means possibly supplying within hours. We are proud to say that OPP is a preferred supplier for many companies when it comes to the production and delivery of high accuracy parts within a challenging time frame. We would be pleased to provide you with the same service.


Working at ORCA Precision Parts

OPP offers its employees great opportunities for personal development in a pleasant and dynamic atmosphere.
We are continuously looking for good and enthusiastic employees that thrive in an entrepreneurial environment.


For additional information
regarding current openings,
please contact:

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